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Weekly Yoga Schedule

Ben's upcoming weekly class schedule. Come explore more of your potential with a well-rounded, thoughtful approach to yoga.

Weekly Schedule


11:00am-12:30pm, all levels vinyasa flow @ South Boston Yoga 

5:00-6:15pm, all levels vinyasa flow @ North End Yoga

6:30-7:30pm, yin yoga @ North End Yoga 


7:15-8:30pm, all levels vinyasa flow @ North End Yoga 


Please check studio websites for up-to-date scheduling and subbing info

Vinyasa Flow Class Description

My Vinyasa flow classes are loosely based on a blend of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga that is designed to be unique and is delivered in a capacity that is simultaneously safe yet challenging. Expect to use props, almost always spend some amount of time exploring the seated family of postures, and occasionally pause for demonstrations or to use the wall. Sequencing and class structure tends to vary quite a bit from week to week, as each individual class is organized based on a specific theme or purpose. My classes tend to move a little slower compared to typical vinyasa classes.

Yin Yoga Class Description

In Yin Yoga, postures are held passively for several minutes in order to target the deep layers of connective tissue including ligaments, joints, and the deep fascia networks. This practice is designed to increase circulation, improve flexibility, and restore the natural mobility of the joints. Yin is a still, introspective practice that is complementary to more active styles of yoga, and is designed to enhance your relationship with stillness.

South Boston Yoga


North End Yoga


It’s not often that you find something in life that gives you complete revolution but for me Yoga has been one of those things. I have been practicing regularly for almost three years now and I still consider myself a baby Yogi as there is always so much to absorb from each practice. Every instructor transfers something unique to a class. The rare ones bring not only their passion but their life lessons with their teachings. Ben is one of those rare instructors. He puts so much clarity into every class he teaches that you come away with not only a greater transformation of yourself but a clearer understanding of the peppering impact your energy has on the people around you. I’m not sure if it’s his specific attention to detail and alignment, his careful explanations of the poses and purpose, or the music he chooses to complement the practice - perhaps all of the above. After taking Ben's classes they inspire me to set the foundation for my world to be a little less consuming, allowing me to just breathe.

- Lydia Triplett